Too late to graft persimmons?

Hi all, I’ve never grafted persimmons before. I live in SW Washington state. I have a Fuyu persimmon tree with some suckers growing up from the roots I was going to try to graft. I also have a couple roots stock and scion wood for a couple different types of persimmons.

I have experience grafting apples. Lately cleft grafts - did two this spring and they both took! I was told to wait on persimmons until they start growing, but now I’m afraid I’m too late?

Thanks for any advice.

Chip budding persimmons this spring worked great for me!

If your scionwood can hold for another couple weeks or three, I’d chip bud them then.


Are you recommending waiting in hopes that the buds will remain dormant until next spring?

I was told to do budwood grafts after greenwood grafting is finished which is the first of August. That’s just the nature of budwood grafting I think, man.

You can force the bud by lopping off the rootstock but that’s zones 7 and above. Zone 6’s and below I would not force any bud grafted the same year.

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I’m zone 9.

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I just did a chip bud graft yesterday trying to add coffeecake to a chocolate if that works I’ll try to chip a chocolate on my coffeecake then I can give the chocolate with the coffeecake to my brother as I really don’t have room for 2 persimmon trees, guess I see in a few weeks if it takes…