Too late to plant grapes?

Was thinking about scrapping the berry bushes and using that space for grapes. Is it too late in the season to plant them and if not any idea who might have the U of Arkansas varieties in stock?

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I’ve planted grapes mid season without any issues. I actually just put in my bare root vines last week. Grapes are essentially vigorously growing weeds that happen to produce fruit so I doubt you would have any issues. However, I would just be sure your vines are acclimated to full sun if they have leaves. Also, they love water so be sure to stay on top of that the first season.

I saw stark had bare root grapes on sale, was thinking of picking some up if it wasn’t too late.

I ended up placing a small order from Starks as it was one of the few places I could find that still had them in stock. Although I couldn’t get the UofA varieties


Now to crash read on how to plant them and take care of them. I’m no grape expert.

Is Pierce’s disease an issue in your area?

Winter temperatures at or below 10ºF for two to three days are required for a vineyard to be considered at low-risk for Pierce’s disease.

There’s really no such thing as ‘too late’.

But, once it’s reaching 90 degrees as it is now then the window of best conditions
is past.

But I’ve planted tulips in January and the ground frozen, I’ve dug and transplanted two inch caliper holly trees in early August in temps like today. I planted an island bed in front of a private school once…over $10,000 in plants…in July. Guaranteed everything a year and had to replace nothing.

The question is the condition of the plants, and the level of care they’ll get after planting.
A potted tree/plant can be planted any time the ground isn’t frozen too hard to dig a hole.
Bare root probably should be placed in the shade in a pot or in a nursery bed for the rest of the year…not placed in it’s permanent location once summer weather has arrived.

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