Top Worked Mulberry


The White Mulberry in the park behind my house got a bit of a makeover thanks to @BobVance.


Nice! What did you graft to it?


Nice! My little disappointing Dwarf Everbearing “Nigra” got one, too, from Bob, lol :smiley: Now it’s mostly Oscar with a bit of Taiwanese Everbearing. Thanks again, Bob!! They took so well.


Funny I grafted my dwarf everbearing too with wood from Bob. Except I don’t think mine took? I did graft on rootstock too and that took! Thanks Bob!


I did a z graft and 2 bark grafts for Oscar and a z graft for the T everbearing, and they are about 8 inches long now! My dwarf EB had some pretty thick trunks. It’s never bloomed somehow, after like 4-5 years. The Oscar graft made some flowers, lol.


a wild white/red hybrid. Bob sent so much wood I tried to make use of every piece and I still have extra in the fridge. If I knew it would take so well I would have cut the trees down to 2ft and started lower.