Top worked Sour cherry is shaping up

Top worked this tart montmorency cherry a couple of years ago. Added a few sweet cherries grafts this year. I have a lot of small cherry trees I grafted over to sweet cherries this year.


What variety of cherry do you find is the easiest to grow here in the Midwest?

Carmine Jewelll sour cherries taste excellent and they are my favorite for lots of different reasons. The bush is small so they are easy to pick and spray. The heaviest producer in my experience is Montmorency cherry. The tree gets big and they will produce buckets and buckets of cherries. North Star Pie Cherry grew slow for me but wound up being a good producer. Those three have been the best for me and are the only ones I have experience with. If I was looking to add any others I would only consider ‘Juliet’, ‘Romeo’, ‘Cupid’, ‘Valentine’, and ‘Crimson Passion’ .

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