Top working Crimson Passion

Looks my CP is not going to flower. AGAIN. 5 years in the ground at my location. I guess it is is time to call it a failure. Is top working an option with bush cherries? I would like to cut all three trunks and graft Juliet over. What would be a proper way to do it? I understand, that I need to get scions while they still dormant next winter. But when do I cut the top off - right before I graft next year? And another question, as my Juliet is still young, I would be able to get may be three scions. Is it better to do all three on one trunk, and cut other two off or do one per trunk? Do I need to leave any feeding branches?

I am not going to answer your question but I trimmed off a couple of small Juliet scion. Do you want them?

Yes, thanks! will send you pm

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