Topworked a fig tree

it frosted again this morning but after the frost melted, I topworked our neighbor’s non-fruiting capri fig tree into a multi-grafted fruiting fig tree for free. They insisted that I bring the snacks they offered me and so I cannot refuse.

I did some bark graft but it was taking longer as the barks aren’t slipping easily yet. Thanks to the bark lifter, it helped but took longer. So I switched over to z-grafting as it can be used even if the diameters are severely mismatched.


Very good trade off Joe.


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Tony i think Joe got taken, i counted 8 new tree’s.As long as Joe is happy that’s all that matters.


What are the new varieties?

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Very nice!
I see you didn’t label the varieties on the tree. Or perhaps I can’t see the labels?

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Temporary labels until a permanent one is in place. I wrote the name on the branches using permanent marking pen.

Based on memory: Negronne, Purple Mission, Vista Mission, Black Madeira, Yellow long Neck, Black Galicia, Coll De Dama Blanca-Negra, De La Senyora

Updates to the graft. 100% take but the biggest growth was broken by the wind! From unproductive tree for several years to having fruits later this year!


Good job, Joe, I’m sure they’ll be pleased with the results. So, those grafts will produce in less than a year? I’m curious that you grafted in such cold weather, and how they all took, I thought grafting needed to be done when it’s warmer.

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I like grafting figs when it’s still cold as the sap flow is very little, so no messy hands to clean. A little harder to lift up the bark but I am patient with lifting up a little section at a time.