Topworking: When to Rub Off Competing Buds

Am topworking old apple tree, finished grafting yesterday. The old tree will sprout like crazy I’m sure, had to make some big cuts. Should I leave those competing buds, sprouts from the base tree until the grafts start pushing growth or remove those competing buds, sprouts starting now?

I like to keep all the competition out from the start. On a big tree some folks like to leave a nurse limb, but anything else that might sap vigor from the graft should go, and then keep coming back and rubbing out any additional buds it sends out.

On the large pear tree I put grafts on this spring I left one small nurse limb low on the trunk. It is about six feet long and only a few side branches. It has leafed out and after about four leaves I pinched the growing tips off of each leaf cluster. Any thoughts on this being the correct thing to do?