Totally New-Peach Tree Problems

Hi All!
I know absolutely nothing about growing fruit trees. We bought our houae 5 years ago, and there wad a fully grown peach tree in the backyard. I’ve never cared anything about it and have totally neglected it. It has NEVER bore fruit in the last 5 years. But… Now i’m wanting to get it back and possibly add an apple treeo the mix. So, the tree obviously needs pruned but what elsr would cause it to not bear fruit? It flowers and even gets a "pit’ on it but never gets actual fruit. Any ideas are appreciated. Btw, dont hate on me for neglecting this precious tree. I didnt have the love of Jesus so I neglected alot more. Thanks in advance.

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Tell us more about your location. Zone 5 but where? Do you know the peach variety?

Zone 5 for peach is borderline. Fruit buds on your tree could easily killed by late freeze or frost, for example.

No one will get mad at you for neglecting your tree. Relax.

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Like you, I once inherited a peach tree that did nothing. A good pruning stimulated the tree to put out first year wood (red wood) that produced peaches the following year (second year). When those peaches came they had brown rot like crazy and I ultimately got nothing. Growing peaches can be a little tricky if you have never done it before- lots of bugs and fungi waiting to attack. However, if you can get past a few of these issues, peach trees can be very rewarding. Being in zone 5 you also have to deal with the cold, as already stated.

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Some pictures of the trees would help. As far as the tree not bearing fruit - most likely insect damage and possibly fungus. Mamuang asked for your location - that is critical because the type of insect and fungus damage varies from east to west, thus the treatment with insecticides and fungicides varies by location.