"Tower of Jewels" (Echium wildpretii)

Has anyone else grown this one?

I got some seeds in a science -related “box subscription” for my kids a few years ago and 2 out of the 4 seedlings flowered this year, doing so for a few months on end. Here are some photos, though I’m afraid I took fewer than I realized, none during peak flowering apparently:

I planted all four in the ground this spring, expecting them all to flower this year. The two that didn’t flower seem to have survived our recent cold snap (many nights below freezing, two nights around 25°F), which is surprising to me. Here they are:

Here’s some info from a botanical garden that grows it:

Hummingbirds seemed to love it all summer, and the bumblebees. I definitely recommend it!


I looked into other echuim varieties, but the only one I can grow reliably is Echium Amoenum “Red Feathers”

It’s a good plant. It tops out at about 14 or so inches, though…


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