Toxins in Persimmons, Pawpaw, and other fruits

This topic is apparently of high interest to several members here so I’ve created a thread for it.

Are you aware that Persimmon juice is toxic to some species of freshwater fish? Historically, indigenous peoples in the Americas and Asia used the bark to harvest fish from ponds and dammed waterways.

Please supply a confidence interval


This is getting silly. Bark is not fruit. Pawpaw bark, for example, has way more toxins than fruit.

The plant has good reasons to produce toxins in bark, leaves, shoots, unripe fruit. But it also has good reasons to remove those toxins as fruit ripens, so animals can eat the fruit and distribute the seeds without dying in the process.


Check the literature for tests with fruit. They were made after discovering the historical practices.

Also, I believe some folks are familiar with the Jujube studies?

How about consuming seafood and persimmons?

Please do enlighten. I was considering a jujube tree but would perhaps reconsider depending on the studies in question.