Tracking fruit results 2021- Spuddaddy

I am starting this thread to track fruit results/notes.

Results so far -

Black Heart Cherry - No cherries this year, assume frost go them.

Early Star peach - Bland tasting, few peaches on small tree

PF-5D Big - this tree is a prolific producer. Taste is mediocre unless you wait until wait until they are almost over ripe. This is the tree you want if taste is not first concern (add sugar tastes great).

Desiree - waited to pick to late. True to form these do not taste good if ripened on the tree. Window ripened a great peach. Few peaches from small tree.

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Pictures -

I had a lot of cat facing damage this year. Some plum curculio damage. I have no idea what is causing this, was not stink bugs this year. Imidan and Permethrin did not stop the damage.

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No fruit harvested yet for me but my gooseberries are ripening. Where I work, we grow serviceberries by the thousands. Gigantic fruit crop on them this year. I walked down one row of 4’-5’ Autumn Brilliance in the field and then came back with a bucket. Never made juneberry jelly before but it sure turned out great and is a big hit with my family. The fruit was free so the price was right.


Fruit for the first time . . . ever. Thanks to all who recommended spray schedules.
I will take better pics as soon as the much-needed rain of today subsides.

My best success story - (thus far) - is my Red Haven peach. I picked it up at Lowes, a couple of years ago, because it had such a lovely open centered shape . . . and it didn’t disappoint. I couldn’t bring myself to thin as aggressively as some suggested here on the Forum - but I got big fruit none the less. Lower branches - not so much . . . but on the taller branches the peaches are lovely. I have a little ‘frass’ - but no rot. I’m tickled!

Redhaven Peaches

Red Haven before we wrapped it.

How-eveeeer. Night before last we had a little ‘fanged’ visitor. Raccoon most likely. Got into my Harko tree and knocked down quite a few nice nectarines. ‘Betcha can’t eat just one’ must have been his motto . . . cause he took bites out of many - but didn’t find one he liked well enough to actually eat.

Harko Nectarine - not quite ripe

So we had our work cut out for us last evening - at the end of one of the hottest days we’ve had thus far. Mid 90s and humidity up . . . I tried to net the tree myself during the day - but gave up. Just too brutally hot. When Rob came home, and things had cooled off . . . we enclosed and netted the Harko and the Red Haven. I left the Indian Free (and its less than a dozen puny peaches.) We will have to address wrapping the Mericrest - whose fruit is less developed and fewer than the Harko.

I am very disappointed in the Indian Free. Everyone requested scions from that - and I hope they will have better luck than I have had with the variety. This is the first fruit it has set - so maybe that has something to do with the size? And maybe it’s still too early. I’m not sure when they ‘come in’ compared to my other varieties. Very fuzzy. No color. Strange tree. I plan to graft pretty heavily to it this winter . . . and I’ll be curious to see how it performs next year. ? Anyone have a good experience with Indian Free?

Indian Free

This is the YEAR OF THE TOMATO at my house. Unbelievable fruit set. And I did very little to prepare the soil other than dump a bag of mushroom compost and a handful of 10-10-10 into the raised beds where I grow my tomatoes. Last year I jumped through all sorts of ‘You Tube’ hoops - with mixing magic tomato concoctions (supposedly) and got ZIP.
I went back to basics on the varieties. Better Boy and Big Beef. I took a chance on Supersonic - and it has lots of lovely tomatoes, too. Haven’t tasted one yet. I do have photos of some of these.


Someone gave me some retail display racks - and I am using those for cucumber trellises this year. First cucumber yesterday. ‘Muncher’? Never grew it before. It was good. I am growing that, Marketmore and the run of the mill ‘Burpless’. I am trying Immunox on those for the first time. Maybe I can keep ahead of the problems I get every summer with cukes.

Hope someone has a report about Indian Free Peach. ! Curious to hear others’ experience.


Congrats in your fruit success this year. Love the structure you have for your cucumber!!

I only had two years experience of Indian Free from my graft. It was a small peach with a lot of fuzz and thick skin. The flesh is white with lot of red streak in it. The taste was too acidic for me. I know there are a lot of people who love this high acid peach. I am not one of them. It was a late peach for me. I did not pick it until the last week of Sept.

Needless to say, the tree that Indian Free was grafted on was removed last year and I do not miss this peach.

Hope those who have more experienced with IF will chime in and point out its pluses to counter my negative view of IF :joy:


@mamuang - Tippy, that sounds about right. And maybe my IF peaches will get some size on them by end of summer. Funny - I don’t think they bloomed much later than the others? They may be too acidic for me, too. And the very fuzzy skin is not too desirable. I don’t know WHY I chose this variety . . . but here we are. Good think I learned to graft!

Which white peach is your favorite? I’d like to try to add one as a graft. Someone said they were crazy about Stark’s Early White Giant. Is it ‘legal’ to graft scions of that? Is there another that you think is better?

Sounds like Indian Free to me. My tree has been slower to mature than all of my other peaches. It sets a fairly light crop that I assume will get heavier as the tree ages (although it is a pleasure to thin). The peaches develop really really slowly. They are easily half the size of my other peaches right now, maybe less than that. Fruits have a grayish tinge to them, are very fuzzy, and can look a little wrinkly. They ripen super late. They are supposed to ripen 47 days after Redhaven.
Last year I picked mine on October 9th. I would have waited longer, but it was going to rain that night…
That was my first crop, 15 peaches, kind of small, but really tasty! Definitely a keeper for me.
Different from a yellow fleshed peach. I expect they will be larger this year.

Last years harvest:

Most were white fleshed with heavy red streaking. The one at the bottom right of the box with dark red streaking on the skin had much redder flesh, so I had to take a picture:

Here are some pics from today:


Yep. Looks exactly like my tiny-gray-fuzzy peaches. Jeeeeeeez. 45 days after Redhaven? Well . . . Something to look forward to. - thanks.

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Garnett Beauty, Early Red Haven, Glen Glo, Sugar Giant, unknown white peach. Picked July 5th.


Greensboro, Summer Serenade, Lars Anderson, Early Red Haven PF8, Sugar Giant, a Nectarine we picked early due to brown rot. Most prolific this year so far is Early Red Haven, PF8. Best tasting Greensboro (love this peach), Summer Serenade (only one peach off of small tree). Going to cut out the nectarine, only tree with brown rot, I do not need trees that get brown rot easily. Lars Anderson is a good peach and a keeper but not my favorite.


Your peaches look great. I live in Greensboro but never heard of the Greensboro peach until now.

Is there a nursery that sells the Greensboro peach?

Also I’m very interested in your opinion of Greensboro, Early Red Haven, Garnett Beauty and Glen Glo peaches growing side by side.

Looks like my peaches ripen a couple of weeks ahead of yours. We picked Red Haven on July 4 and just moved to Fire Prince with Winblo and Contender to follow in a week or two

Edit: Found this article which ran in my local newspaper in 2015 but I have never seen the Greensboro peach growing in Greensboro

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The Greensboro Peach came from Arboreum, Got it plus oriole and white hale, 2 - 3 years ago. All are supposed to be heirloom peaches. . This the first year I have gotten peaches, and I love them. I am not sure they would be a good commercial variety, they have little red on the skin, the tree has some drop, and they don’t seem to hold as long as other peaches. But I really like the peach, my favorite so far this year. The peaches are good sized, juicy and have a strong taste. I have an old book that has a description of the peach, I will try and post.


Dixie Red Peaches picked by my father this weekend. These were picked a little early.