Trade for Archer strawberry or World's Greatest Mulberry

I am a long time reader of these threads and have decided to become a member to see if anyone is interested in trading for some fruit varieties that I am looking to add to our market garden this year. After getting our strawberries planted, I decided that I have room for some Archer strawberries that I was contemplating earlier in the season but is now sold out. I would also be interested in trading for some Japanese varieties of strawberries.
I have also been seeking to add the World’s Greatest Mulberry to our screen house for a couple of years but haven’t been able to get any from Bryce.
Strawberry cultivars available for trade:
Elan, Sweet Ann, Sweet Kiss, Charlotte, Eversweet, Cabrillo, Jewel, Flavorfest, Eclair, Rutger’s
Scarlet and Marshall
We also have other types of berries available for trade if interested, including blackberry, raspberry, blueberry and goumi berry.