Trading List Lost

Ok, I’m a goof. I have a list of trades, etc. that I seem to have lost. I am pretty be sure that I have it back together EXCEPT for the person I was going to send a small elderberry bush/cutting to.
If you have something pending from me, please please let me know. I will continue to look for my misplaced list.

It’s a good thing that my head is attached or I would probably lose that too.


I also lose track.
It can be expensive
I recently sent a check to someone for fig cuttings
A fairly big check
Will wait and see.

I found it! Woohoo!

Something I learned from this is what information to keep on file.
Shipping address
Item sending and how many
Item receiving and how many
Group that trade his taking place through (North Amer. scion Exch., NAFEX, Backyard Fruit Growers, Growing, etc).

If I could have remembered which group, I would not have posted the same message in 5 different places. Anything I should add or advice from anyone?

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Our forum is, not .com.
The .com is another entity.

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Whoops. My mistake. Sorry about that.

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I have a Samsung phone that has an app called “note” that I find valuable to make lists as such. Apple must have something similar.