Trading or free pollen anyone want to for breeding how to dry etc

Hi I may have some Just saw Elderberry flowering In New orleans last week.
anyone want to mix up some genetics
I know Mulberry flowers soon to not sure If i’d be down there though at that time
I will check soon (tree not far from Amtrak towards
(getto part go under bridge , and down street across from corner store )
I plan to fly so I didn’t check the other week)

I ask this of you
If you want pollen send address or P.O box Info
I do like to communicate on Email ,
but trying to full fill many peoples needs without a address to send to is a waste of my time

I am talking about when dealing with 100’s of replies (in past at least ,)
but that was craigslist very unreliable people not like here, but still it is overwhelming …

I also Might have Japanese crab Apple pollen (marble size fruit)
and a lot of stuff from around the world from Morton Arboretum (In Lisle) since I am a member
as well as a lot of odd pine fir evergreen pollen etc
and even may go down to Texas for pollen from Mulberry
(I have friends but want dwarf mulberry a Texas Native)

I am Also Interested In Hackberry Pollen I can make a list of wants , and can pay CASH $$$.

I also plan to breed pawpaw, but also want to do something I have not seen breed very seedy ones
I just want to see what happens can always just throw the seeds in the woods so yeah pretty odd to want to selective breed the seediest pawpaw , but maybe it will convert to a Non seedy one, maybe it will be a good rootstock or maybe it will be a waste of my time

Also What is the best way to dry some stuff
I know Lo uat (keyboard broke) pollen they say to freezedry in Liuid Nitrogen with 10 % moisture

Just give a list of wants as well
but I want this to be a discussion also as why you want something

here are some of mine for now

wants **
Grapes any even wild (not Muscadine I haven’t learned tissue culture for Embryonic rescue )
Apple family to try to cross (desert peach or Arizona peach)
Hackberry (from other Genus desert hackberry as well)
** Dwarf Red Texas Mulberry (but may have pollen)

Also Annuals, and bi annuals Like
watermelon (melons etc Cucurbitaceae family stuff I have a interest but .)
but for me I have not much room so it’s limited for now
vegetables etc.

**Ginkgo (large fruit ) also Ornamental **

(I have pollen , but ordinary )
Also A very heavy yielding Mulberry (ordinary wild)
and a late mulberry (mid August ), but may be every bearing (just found last year)
Some ornamentals as I have tulips, and wouldn’t mind crossing again if you have unique colors

This is kind of sad but we should save some of these wild species characteristics
I knew of a wild concord type grape it flowered late, but ripened early
concord seed or maybe wild vitis labrusca

Good for a Nordic person trying to grow it
it got chopped down by new owners , and I didn’t get a cutting ( the skin was more bitter)

OH I could go on, and on about stuff I didn’t rescue on time (grapes root easy)

(if this gets enough attention I can list on the trading post as well when I harvest them, but now wouldn’t be organized )

(EDIT I BOOKED TO MIAMI INSTEAD going to fruit, & spice park
(in Homestead maybe the keys as well not New Orleans)