Transplanting Elderberry and Aronia

Good morning. I was looking ahead at the forecast for next week when I was planning on taking off Thursday and Friday to transplant ~60 elderberry and ~60 aronia plants. Earlier in the Spring I planted them very close together closer to my house so they could be easily watered and monitored with every intention of transplanting them this Fall. We have had a few dips below freezing but not many until earlier in the week with three consecutive nights below freezing with one of those in the teens. Looking forward to next week the highs will be in the low 40’s and the lows around freezing or a little lower. Should I try to transplant THIS weekend (temps in the 60s) which really is not all that convenient personal-life-wise or will it likely be ok to wait until next weekend when the temps will be even lower?

I have never really had a problem with the ground freezing but I have never tried planting anything this late either. I could wait until Spring if I had to but these will be going out in an area with zero irrigation so I was hoping to do everything well in advance of Spring so as to reduce transplant shock.

Thanks for any opinions and advice.


As long as the ground is workable they should be fine. Try to keep as many roots as possible. Have the holes ready in advance. As to when all that matters is that the ground is workable.

Generally in Zones 6 and 7 and 8…now would be better than waiting I think.