Transplanting fruit trees 4 to 8 years old in ground?

I have read a bit on here about bare root transplanting of older trees. The consensus seems to be that apples do fairly well, pears not so well, I have a lot of hybrid plums that I am wondering about. I dont imagine haskaps are a problem , but maybe if they are larger ? I also have some U of Sask bush cherries (Romance series)…they seem a bit fussy as it is ( lost many of them over the years due to Im not sure what…transplant shock when originally planting them ?, too heavy soil ? too late in spring ? a combination of those ? ) especially the Crimson Passion variety, its a fussy one… so transplanting them makes me nervous…mind you thy are still in the same spot/soil and many of them are now 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide with big trunks on them…so not suffering .

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I would think anything over 2.5" caliper would be best transplanted balled and burlapped and not by bare-root. Just my thoughts. Where I work, we grow some BB fruit trees. 1.5"-3" apple trees transplant fine ball and burlapped. We tried doing plums and cherries and they did not move very successfully. For Prunus I would only move when very small.

How far are you moving them and why? Planted too close? If just moving them in your own yard I would hire someone with a very small tree spade and move them when dormant. If you only have a few and you have access to someone with equipment for moving them, then they can be dug by hand (ball and burlapped) although hand digging trees BB these days seems to be a lost art. Burlap, spade, nails to pin the burlap, and 3 ply twine will be needed. I would think 4-8 year old fruit trees would need 26"-36" rootball depending on the caliper size of the tree. We do 28" rootball on a 2" diameter apple tree.

I suppose the easiest and cheapest option may be to cut them down and replant with a small bare-root tree.

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