Transplanting strawberry in the fall

How late can strawberries be successfully transplanted in zone 4/5a? I have a June and day neutral variety I want to move from their current beds to raised beds. Mainly, I am renovating my garden and adding a bunch of raised beds. I potentially want to put some where they’re currently at and want to get a head start on spring if possible.

i believe until the ground freezes. just mulch them well after transplanting.

I last moved mine in October (Zone 5a here) and they did great. Mine have proven to be fairly hardy and can be transplanted almost whenever, so long as you make sure to water them in well if transplanting in the summer, and to give them a bit of time to settle in if transplanting in late fall. Early spring or right after harvest (when you mow them) might be the best time, though.

My only advice for transplanting is to make sure to net them well for a few months. For whatever reason squirrels delight in digging up my freshly transplanted strawberries.