Treasure Pear


This an extremely rare pear I’m wondering if anyone else is growing? I’m hoping it produces fruit next year. I acquired it from Singing tree but, I would have to write him to ask about it. The tree is very healthy so, I grafted some trees for the nursery thinking it was a much more common variety at the time. I have a few for sale if anyone wants to roll the dice on it. Below is what little information I was able to compile for my website:

Developed in Moldova (Eastern Europe, between Ukraine and Romania)

We have not been growing this variety long enough to produce fruit and there is no information available on growing it in the US. Bred from crosses of French varieties Triumph of Vienna and Olivier de Serres it may also be know as “Parisian”. The fruit is described as large, russeted, very sweet with a little acidity. The trees are said to be small in other online descriptions but, that may be because it’s grown on a quince stock in Europe.

Uses: Fresh Eating, Cooking, Wine, Canning
Flavor: Sweet, Slightly Acidic
Fruit Size: Large
Pollination: Requires another pear variety.
Ripens: ?
Keeps Probably keeps well in Cold Storage.
Fireblight: Unknown, Likely Susceptible, No infection observed to date.
USDA Zones: 5-8?


I’ve only ever saw the pear tree show up in Kansas. The one other orchard who could get it (most likely from the same source) was wagon wheel nursery 2017 - The best selection of pears in years!. The pear is exceedingly rare. On the website note the * in the name typical only of an ultra rare variety on that website. They are very likely out of or very limited on bench grafts.


@clarkinks We need to write to Singing Tree and see what we can gleam about some of the ultra rare varieties he has that might stand up to our growing conditions.


I saw the wagon wheel website said " We will only be grafting pears in 2019 if we get over 100 trees ordered - Pears on OHxF87." . Usually their minimum order is 10 bengraft trees. Thought 100 was unusual which means they are not getting many pear orders or they are expecting every order to be very large im not sure which. If anyone makes an order i would call and find out what to expect this year.


I don’t think Wagon Wheel actually grows all the varieties they offer as benchgrafts.


No i dont think they grow them there either. When i drove by it looked like a small orchard. Maybe there is more in the back i couldnt see