Tree Staking recommendations for G11 & B9 Rootstocks in Ohio

Have about 100+ G11/B9 Apple trees varying age between 2 -4 years and between 6 and 8’ tall. I’m under the impression G11 & B9 needs staking it’s entire life. The 4 year old trees are producing fruit this year, concerned it will create a lean if not staked all the way to the top.

I usually see people with that many trees do a high density thing and plant them much closer together with a wire trellis or ~8’ stakes on each tree.

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I’m putting in 8’ T-Posts and tying with ArborTie. The posts are pretty secure with 2’ in ground leaving 6’ above ground. OESCO seems to have the best deal on ArborTie.

They are currently at 8’ spacing, that was intentional if I ever wanted to plant more at 4’ spacing. I’ve been told you can plant g11 all the way down to 3’ spacing but 4 to 8’ was preferred.

You have the trees planted much farther apart than necessary.

G11 is more apt to require staking than B9, but both probably a good idea.