Triazicide vs imidan: My personal experience

I can’t offer the expertise that many people here can, but I can report on my own experiences and I think this one merits such a report. Let me first make a few qualifying statements:

  1. I am addressing only the products effectiveness at controlling insect damage (mostly Plum Curculio and Oriental Fruit Moth, my biggest enemies). I am not addressing the safety of either product or which one is most harmful to environment or health.
  2. I used Triazicide for 3 years, and have only used Imidan for less than one season, but I can still report major differences by this point in the year with Imidan vs this point in past years with Triazicide.
  3. I mixed both products at FULL LABEL STRENGTH as shown in label instruction for peach trees.
  4. I applied both every 10 to 14 days.from shuck split, and used dormant oil with copper early each spring.
  5. My Imidan is Imidan 70-W.
    6.) Both products were applied with hand-pumped sprayers and trees were sprayed to point of heavy drip with all products- coverage was thorough, complete, and equal.
    7.) I am not addressing the economics of the products (ie which one costs less per application). Only effectiveness.

Reporting the differences is easier and shorter than the above statements. To be clear and to the point, the difference in my experience, on my property with my trees is astounding: Imidan is infinitely more effect for me in controlling PC and OFM. . There is no comparison, for me.

I have said many times that for whatever reason (perhaps my neighbor’s orchard which is allowed to fruit and left to rot on the tree and then on the ground, providing the perfect breeding ground for these pests) I have extreme OFM and PC pressure and triazicide failed me to some degree or another every single year no matter how religiously I applied it. By the end of May in the last few years, approximately 2/3’s of every peach on every tree had the infamous little worms in the seed pit and outward signs of the half-moon or sting of these insects. This year, I can count on one hand the number of effected peaches I have found on each tree. Almost none. In case you are wondering if this just hasn’t been a big year for those pests, I know for a fact that it has. I had one peach tree that is planted about 35 yards from the others and because its out of sight, I forgot to spray it at least twice this year. True to past form, the vast majority of peaches on this tree have worms and/or have already turned yellowish and fallen to the ground- probably 2/3 of total peaches on the tree. That makes it even more fun to examine all the peaches on my other trees and see the whole tree(s) full of healthy, unblemished fruit!

So, the next time you are asking yourself iif its worth it to order Imidan or not (you usually have to buy it in pretty large quantities) I can only tell you that if Triazicide has left you disappointed, Imidan may not- at least it didn’t disappoint me. I’ll use it from now on.

Hope this helps someone.


I think that’s a very useful report. I’ve had some success with Triazicide but my pressures are nothing like yours; in fact, for the past two or three years I’ve managed pretty well with just Spinosad. I get codling moth but not OFM or PC so far.

If spinosad and triazacide were to fail me I think I’d have to learn how to use something else, but so far so good.

Good luck with your pests (and your neighbor’s unfortunate approach,)

Thanks @thecityman your experience sounds familiar. My experience is triazacide does not work for the pests in this area. It’s storage and handling prior to receiving it may be a factor. Imidan 70w seems like a better approach in the high pressure areas like Kansas. That’s not to say triazacide is bad for everyone because plenty of people use it with success. I’m experimenting with bagging and other methods this year so pest management is still a work in progress here. PC usually ask for a straw to go with their triazacide drink here. Received damage right after spraying. The tree I did not spray received the same damage as the one sprayed.

I also found Triazicide and other pyrethroids quite ineffective, have switched to Sevin because of the difficulty buying Imidan for as few trees as I grow

My primary pest is the PC, we don’t get OFM here

Thanks for sharing your experiences, I think your post helps illustrate why many commercial growers have relied on and continue to use Imidan. Being in a somewhat rural setting, it sounds like you have found the right product for your situation. Many of us like I have urban, neighborhood backyard orchards and thus need to carefully weight out the pro’s and cons of Imidan that is labeled strictly for non residental use. I purchased and used Imidan myself last year but after reading up more on Imidan and insecticides in general have switched to Avaunt, Actara and Delegate as a replacement. From my limited understanding, my biggest concern with Imidan is the possibility of it sticking to feet and shoes of pets and people and thus being carried into your home. My replacement insecticides costs over $400 in total which is not doable for many people and was hard for my thrifty (cheapo) personally to swallow but I have more peace of mind using those products.

Very glad you brought this topic up City. In the past I too have been disappointed with inconsistent results when using Triazicide and a Spreader Sticker. Finally at the end of last season out of frustration I did order some Imidan that I thought I’d use this season. Well, I have not (and I may regret that in the end) but I was having such an issue with my ATV mounted sprayer that I reasoned after the fact that maybe I just wasn’t getting the necessary coverage on the upper reaches of the bigger trees etc, and that now with this new super duper sprayer that has much greater abilities all my troubles would be behind me, and I could continue on using the very easy to use liquid Triazicide. I’ve done religious/timely spraying this year with my new sprayer (as well as a backpack and a pump up for the smaller stuff not as easily accessible to me by ATV) There are still apples with PC damage, and a couple peaches have hits of some kind. I’m disappointed a little bit, but in truth it’s probably a very, very acceptable amount of damage. So I’m still on the fence, but I doubt my Imidan will go unused. Still, when I see hits on stuff I sprayed I have to wonder if it wasn’t a huge mistake for me to stock up on a few bottles of the Triazicide given all the discussion about shelf-life. I keep my unopened bottles stored in the cool basement, but like they say - who knows how old it was or the conditions it saw before I bought it.

Yes, a good idea, we have Eight too, and malathion also. I use a triazicide type products as pressure here is light for now. I too will go to sevin or eight if I need to. I like eight for house plants if needed. It is Permethrin.

I use straight Permethrin. Bought a couple of big bottles for little or nothing on clearance many years ago ///still working through them. So far so good this year. Not seeing much at all damage on the stuff that has been sprayed.

I do believe Imidan has curative action…which is a big benefit if you should miss some.

I’m not surprised that Imidan stomped Triazicide in effectiveness. Kind of like comparing the effectiveness of a shotgun against a BB gun!

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I still have some of a bottle containing acetamiprid [sp?] that I found to have a curative action. This was after I notice the ineffectiveness of Triazicide

Product is no longer being manufactured, tho, in the drive against neonicitinoids

If the curcs get the cots, tho -

Warm; I think Permethrin is pretty good stuff, but I can’t really use it on like apples for example. I wanna say my label says not to use after petal fall (which is about the only time I do need to spray) and something like only three sprays allowed max.

Yeah…i haven’t sprayed apples with it yet and probably won’t. The PC can have at them.

I like the smell of permethrin…

Yeah, sounds like Permethrin smells like cologne compared to what the smell of Imidan is.

Malathion is evil-smelling stuff

What’s worse malathion or imidan? I never smelled imidan.

My vote is for malathion is worse…

Cool, as that was holding me back from using imidan, I can stand malathion, so I guess I’ll be OK!

Just mix them all together and spray… I should rotate out at some point. I’m not sure spraying the same thing every year is a good idea.

Yes, I agree there. Maybe more so if you have a particularly hard problem.
I’m due for a spray and wondering if I best wait till after the rain? Or do it before. the sticker will work, but some would be flushed. Guess I best wait to get the most bang out of the application. Not due till tomorrow, but some rain expected daily till Monday.

I always have the same dilemma this time of year. It’s been 8 days since I last sprayed - we got 3/10" of rain this morning proceeded by an inch the day before, and another 3/10th ahead of the inch. It was clear for awhile so I sprayed today, knowing it’s going to rain later this afternoon/evening (It’s overcast now and I can hear rumblings in the distance).

But a look ahead and our chances of rain are currently 50% tonight, 80% Thu, Fri, & Sat. 20% Sun, and 60% Mon & Tues. It made me think of Fruit Nut telling someone one time if you wait for the perfect time to spray you’ll never spray. So I put the spreader sticker in there and away I go…

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