Triple Crown future crop lost ? - 21 here this morning

The title says it all . I hope my Baby Cakes blackberry is a better choice for hardiness .

I had -18f last winter, and my chester and triple crown didn’t do much last year, hit -23f this morning, so I shouldn’t expect too much out of them for this new year. Haven’t been this cold in over 20 years.

Sorry, I read that as a dash, rather than a minus sign and wondered why you thought 21 degrees would be a problem.

Yes, l think it is lost for the next season, the same with the other blackberries, they are not hardy enough for this weather. We had -20 this night so I do not expect anything from them next summer.

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Of course, snow cover can help, but I’ve lost crops at much lower negatives than that- like -10. If you love blackberries where low temps frequently dip into negative numbers you can’ always let new canes grow on the ground and cover with leaves towards the end of Nov.

My TC canes are under pine needles mulch and under a feet or 2 of snow… But we’ve been having lows of -22 f last 2 weeks… We will see !

i hope so too. got 5 baby cakes i put in last spring. got down to -30f a few times but they’re buried well in 5ft. of snow so should be safe. worried about a dwarf Japanese maple tho. its well buried in hay and snow but I’m expecting it to have at least some damage.

Your greatest danger may be voles. They often work on canes under the snow in areas they populate- you might want to check and bait.

Until now, I never saw or heard of any voles in my area (doesn’t mean we don’t have them, but I hope we don’t… :smile: ) I live in an urban area, so city squirrels are my biggest enemies, but I don’t think they would do such a thing… Would they?

We hit 1F here, but bare ground, which has me concerned about marginally hardy ornamentals like Canna and Crinum.

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I’ve never known them to, and I’ve plenty of squirrels as well as voles.