Tropical fruit trees question

Have often wondered why people in the tropics don’t grow more types of fruit? Lúcuma, sapodilla, sweetsop, Sapote etc. Seem good to grow , but seldom see photos of them. Do these trees take more maintenance?

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Tropical plant climates are primarily between latitudes 15N and 15S. There’s not much variety among what is imported to the U.S. from these locations, nor do we hear much about what the locals are growing – mostly due to language and cultural barriers.


Makes sense. Member location map shows our users come mainly from North American, Europe–A very western audience. Only minority of folks in forum can even grow tropical fruit without greenhouse.

Besides citrus, bananas, pineapple, many other tropical fruit may be lesser known, or not as universally palatable (for example, durian). So these factors make their appearance on this forum quite rare.

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