Tropical fruits in Orange county, CA

Orange County may be my future retirement home down the road if I can grow all this fruits in the back yard.



Whoever this backyard belongs to, how could I get an invite for a tour?
I love to be able to grow those fruit especially rose apples. Is it passion fruit on the trellis?
Very fruitful backyard. Thanks, Tony.

Yes,thanks,Tony.Those are Passion fruit,probably Passiflora Edulis. Brady


You can sign up for the California Rare Fruit Growers (CRFG) Orange County chapter, a vibrant group that meets at the Centennial Farm at the Orange County Fairgrounds. Their website is They often have tours of homes with tropical gardens, and is one of the most organized garden groups in Southern California. I’ve spoken there several times and it is a fun group.

Thank you Applenut. It is good to know.

Tony what a great short film, thank you so much. What was the pinkish colored fruit? There was tons of it on the branches? All the exotic fruits were fantastic.

Tony, Orange County is nice, but San Diego county is even better :smile: I grew up in Orange County (Huntington Beach), This person lives a little more inland, in Garden Grove (I was actually born in Garden Grove, much warmer than Huntington Beach.) But our weather is even better and milder further south in San Diego county, and prices are more reasonable. We can grow more stuff even than in OC. Very nice video, thanks for sharing!

Hi MrsG,

I believed that fruit called West Indian cherry. There are two kinds, one variety is sweet and the other is sweet/tart.



Hi Tony, Mrs G, seems to be the pink fruit are wax apples, or maybe i missed the part where there actually was the other fruit which Tony brought up. Related to guavas and eucalypts, wax apples are quite attractive and make good eating, but one needs to pic them at the right time, when the tart and sweetness are at their peak. Else they’d taste a little bland.

i totally agree, and yes, have been meaning to tell you, i hope you’re already growing longans, sugar apples, cherimoya, lacatan bananas, breadfruit, marang, rambutan, jacfruit, langsat, ad libitum and ad infinitum!

and my apologies if i sound pushy, it’s just that i happen to have a bad case of ‘zone envy’, lol

What you called wax apples, I call Rose apples. The most commom kind is pink. The more popular, sweeter and expensive one is a green variety.

it does have many names, due to the number of species and cultivars, including ‘wax jambalaya’ :smile:

Tony that is a beautiful piece of fruit. Now I want a greenhouse! I also thought the shape was interesting. Loved it. I would really like to try one. Thanks, I watched every second of the video. So much going on in a moderate amount of space. Truly amazing.