Trouble Already, Need Help, Please

Please look at my new apple tree leaves. Is this CAR? What should I be spraying them with? These are the first leaves of new trees and no blossoms yet. I’m in zone 7.

Don’t take my word for it because I’m no expert, but that looks more like a hungry insect has enjoyed your tender leaves, to me. People who really know will answer, though. Take their word.

Those are probably little beetles. New trees seem very susceptible to them, the leaves don’t make enough poisons to deter the bugs. If you go out at night with a flashlight you will see them in action. Usually its only a cosmetic problem early in the spring.

This early with beetles?

Its not Japanese beetles, its some other kind of beetle - small brown or black and shiny. I don’t know the name for them but I find a few in the spring most years. If you don’t go out at night you might never see them. I do a lot of work at night due to job etc so I see them.

It looks like there might be a bug or two on the right side of your first photo. Whether it is or isn’t I bet if you get a magnifying glass and check the top and undersides of those leaves you’ll find something. If not in the day, then at night as Scott mentioned.

You guys are the greatest. Thanks for the advice. This morning, I took out my reading glasses and a magnifying glass and discovered the culprit–a little green caterpillar. I found a few on each apple tree. They didn’t seem to bother my peach trees. Mr. Caterpillar and his friends have been sent and served an eviction notice. I don’t think he will be bothering me anymore. I was able to get my wife to pose with a penny, for size purposes, and take a picture for if needed wanted posters.

Congrats on catching it. Usually caterpillars eat edges of leaves and beetles eat both spots and edges, so it looked like beetles to me. But there are lots of different critters out there with unique habits.

C’mon now…level with us…that’s really you holding the penny, isn’t it? :smile:

Just joking!

Glad you found the culprit.

C’mon now…What happens in the orchard, stays in the orchard!

Hey, no worries my friend, your secret is safe with me. Besides…red is my favorite color. :grinning: