Truth in Hardiness Zone Advertising

How often have you guys encountered this:

Where there’s obviously some written confusion about what hardiness zone the tree is being sold for. Is it 8-10, maybe 7 or 6-10… Because at one point 7 was a stretch, and then suddenly 6 jumped into the scene and said “Hey I’m here too, don’t forget me” and meanwhile zone 8 is smoking a cigar just laughing at it all.

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All the time. If it doesn’t come ‘close to’ true from seed I don’t plant it

I have seen that with about every plant I have planted. Some I wonder if they are putting it a zone ahead because of ripening times or flowering times though. Many will rate Pink lady or Red Fuji to zone 6 because of late ripening times. Even on Raintree Nursery’s website they rate their pluots on single form as zone 5 but rate their multigrafted pluot trees to zone 6 despite being the same varieties. With the white Pakistan mulberry paradise nursery rates it down to zone 4 but many state it is not hardy past zone 9. One Green World rates their red Pakistan down to zone 6 while others say zone 9. On zone Green World’s own website they state zone 5 for Nikita’s Gift and state in their own description hardy to -10. Raintree and One Green World state the fruit punch Pluerry and Weeping Santa Rosa plum are hardy to zone 5 but Dave Wilson Nursery states zone 6.