Try to ID this Fig

I understand IDing fig is close to impossible. But I just appreciate if we can help to narrow down the possibilities.

Here is a fig I have no idea what it is. Some photos.

The last two photos are taken today. The first few are from prior year. From looking at the leaves, it is unique that the lower lobes are relatively flat. They point to outside, instead downward. And the center lobe is relative long and thin.

On the plate, the top fruit is Hardy Chicago and this fruit is the large on the bottom.

Since this is a large fruit, it requires longer growing days. Like to understand it better.

Have no clue but whatever it is it looks awesome, Cheers!!!

Interesting. Did you try

It is a good match for English Brown Turkey.

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I have a LaRadek EBT, but the figs generally have more neck than these, but otherwise color inside and outside does look similar. Maybe a Red Sicilian type, like Aldo’s, Sal Corleone, etc.?

This reminds me of Madeleine des Deux Saisons. Sort of brunswick like but not so elongated.

Any possibility of Peter’s Honey?

The fruit of Peter’s honey is very little like that.

My guess is Brunswick/Magnolia. My experience is Brunswick varies quite a bit in fruit size, shape, color depending on several factors. Just a suggestion. i really do like the flavor of a fully ripened fig of this cultivar. Good growing, Randy/GA

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Magnolia fruit is purple when ripe. But this leave does look like Magnolia. Maybe the fruit was not fully ripe.

The fruit of Brunswick seems longer than this one.

Those two are very close IMO. I’ll try to get fruit this year to compare.

It seems this is very close to Conadria fig. Here are some photos I saved off the web.