Trying to give my peach grafts some heat

I’ve been grafting several varieties of stone fruits onto a peach tree, but didn’t realize how much heat they need to callus. I don’t want to lose all the time I spent on grafts–I pretty much grafted all over the tree–so I’m trying to jerry-rig something. Might this work?
and for a forked branch:

Should make it warmer. My guess is it won’t matter. But that may depend on your temperatures.

We’ve been running about 80/45 and I’ve got my al foil wrapped tightly around the graft. So I’m cooling it off. Guess we should compare in a few weeks.

It’s only been in the low 70s and high sixties during the day since I grafted these. And the next week is all 60s and rain. So I gotta do something!


I think your grafts looked good. They should be fine. Just remember to rub off all the new growth below the union.


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I’ve got my fingers crossed for yours too!