Two apple questions

1. Ambrosia Apple
I had my first locally grown ambrosia apple tonight and loved it, immediately. I started searching online for a tree and they are either unavailable or sold out most places…except for Home Depot of all places. But it’s bare root and would arrive next week. My questions:

  • How can they have a truly dormant, bare root tree at this time of year?
  • Would you trust that these are THE ambrosia I just ate?
  • If I got a couple, would I just pot them in loose potting soil in a protected place and cross my fingers? I could temporarily plant in my vegetable garden but I don’t have a good permanent spot.

2. Apple Recommendations
If I like Honeycrisp, Kindercrisp and Ambrosia apples, what else would you recommend?

I like the sweet and crunch of them as compared to the Empire, Fuji or Jonathon I tried tonight.

Or is there a website for something like this?

Thanks for any thoughts…

Ambrosia is a Club apple. I am very surprised it is sold at Home Depot. If you google Club Apples, you will know what I talked about,

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Ambrosia is off patent and is occasionally available in nurseries as a grafted tree and as scionwood. Skipley Farm in Washington has it.


If you like crunchy, sweet apples, look into Japanese apples. Many fit that description. I like crunchy and sweet apples, too. I grow Honey Crisp, Fuji and Orin. I love Orin. It is lighter than the other two.

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