Two leader pears and "click" pruning

Still working through this article, but I thought I’d share. Some good lessons in tree training in here.

The system sounds like a combination of various size control and early bearing techniques I’ve read about on this forum.


This was a good read, I have two Asian pears that are fairly new and both of them naturally have two Central leaders, maybe even three. it would be nice to keep it the way it is and not prune it to one central leader.


Interesting article. They say the pruning is labor intensive. I’d like to see more detail on their pruning through the first 3 years. I have a small pear sucker that came up. I’ll use it for a two leader experiment. It looks like they start the two leaders about 12 inches up from the photos.

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Here’s a video and article explaining the “click pruning” that they use in this system:

Understanding the click pruning technique – Video | Good Fruit Grower.

The part that I haven’t quite wrapped my head around is they claim this would work well for tip bearing apples. Wouldn’t cutting back to a few buds remove the tip buds? I’m not far enough along in my apple growing journey to have a real intuitive understanding of how tip bearers work…
@alan, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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im not alan. And have little actual experiance with click pruning.
so be sceptical of what i am saying. and trust alan more when he responds :wink:

The splitting the vigor from 1 leader to 2 is widly practised. It gives you more total # of side branches. that are shorter on average. vs a single leader.

you don’t have to stop at 2 though.

UFO for cherry,

multi leader /guyot for apples
future orchards concept (mostly explained on apples. But i think they are running trials on pears and apricots to)
'Future Orchard Production System' drives orchard outlook - Fruit Growers News
guyote grape growing
The Guyot Training System - Grape Video #8 - YouTube

Im planning on growing almost all my new tree’s in that style. With click/lorette pruning. So im heavily red up on the subject. But don’t have much practical experiance (yet)

As far as click pruning with tip bearers
As far as i understand it.
Most tip bearers also form some spurs. By click pruning and or summer pruning you can increase the amount of spurs till a point where it’s “enough” for some varieties.
For almost “purely” tip bearing varieties. You don’t click prune all branches.
However for those tip bearers, they have a tendency to keep growing outward and getting blind wood on the “inside” of the tree. If your tree can keep growing larger outwards without a problem. Click pruning is likely not needed.

However if you have limited space for the tree to keep growing outward each year. You need to control it.
And by click pruning some (not all) of the branches you can avoid blind wood. And keep the buds that grow into your 1y old shoots that bear your next crop on the “inside” of the tree. year after year.

With that adaptation of click pruning you are however cutting into 2y old wood after harvest.

this is also a video that goes over click pruning. Although if seen slight variations in different sources. they calle it the same but don’t prune exactly the same.

This is also a really good video by the same guy as in your video. (stefano Musacchi)

it’s worth it to watch completely but especially the begining where he explains the fruiting habit of 5 “groups” of pears is really nice.


Thanks, @oscar . It does make more sense when you put it that way. I’ll have to watch those videos you added. I think a lot of this will also become more clear to me once my trees are actually bearing and I’m in to annual maintenance pruning.