Two peach and persimmon planted close together

Hi guys. I have an area in my yard that I would like to plant two peach trees in. I also have a jiro persimmon tree that I purchased from Stark brothers nursery this year. Believe it or not I am running out of space to plant fruit trees :pensive: and don’t really have a specific spot I could put the persimmon tree. I have read a lot about companion planting and Backyard orchard culture planting. So my main question is if I were to plant these three trees in a triangle pattern roughly 3 or 4 feet apart would I run into issues down the road? I would have two peach trees that are straight across from one another and then the persimmon at the top of the triangle shape. That would allow my two peach trees to be on the south side of the yard and the persimmon tree on the north side. I have purchased persimmons this year through Costco and my family were not huge fans. So keeping this tree The same shape and size of the peach trees would be something I would like to try and do. I would like to try and grow the persimmon like an open center peach with four scaffolding branches. If this is even possible. Unfortunately I don’t know the rootstock that the persimmon tree was grafted onto but I have emailed them to ask. Hopefully they get back to me. What are your thoughts?

The peaches might work. The persimmon will grow at a fraction of the speed of the peaches and will be shaded by them in no time. I have seen persimmons do pretty well in shady area’s, but I think those peaches are just going to out compete it for the nutrients. I would put it in a location that is less ideal instead of just getting rid of it. It will fruit. Just not as big or as much.

Was going to say the same thing. Persimmons don’t grow anything like a peach tree… but they are a little more forgiving of a less than perfect location. I wouldn’t hesitate to plant the two peaches fairly close but I would look for a spot a little farther away for the persimmon.

Also, if you live on the east coast I would advise against planting the two peaches close.

What about doing a persimmon espalier?

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Do I read it right that you would like to put two peach trees 3-4 ft apart?

Peach trees need good air circulation and openness so air and sunlight will help reduce issue with diseases. Cramming in peach trees together is asking for trouble, IMHO.

Wow. Thank for The replies. Yes I am planning on planting to peach trees close together. I realize the air circulation issue so I would be sure to keep them fairly small and not growing into each other.

Would planting the persimmon tree on the southside be better? I did not realize they grew a lot slower than peach trees.

I guess one of my main questions is could I grow a persimmon tree in a open Center vase Shape similar to a peach tree? If so I could just plant the persimmon tree on the south side instead of north and both peach trees on the north Side keeping the center of the triangle open or from growing into one another. I would love to just find another spot for the persimmon tree but after I plant all of my berries this spring I’m going to be very limited. The only other option would be to plant it in a location that I would have to keep it way small and not let it grow out much. I have also heard that persimmon trees do not like aggressive pruning.
Also a side note I have planted 20 trees when initially I agreed with my wife that I would only plant “a few”. Haha. So I am pretty much stuck with the space that I have. I cannot expand anymore.

The plan with the peach trees is that I was going to graft multiple different varieties on them. Over the next few years. Preferably the main scaffolding branches. Maybe one day I would get into grafting another variety of persimmon.

We are west coast. Utah