U.S.A winter 2015-2016 weather forecast


I have found some videos about U.S.A winter 2015-2016 weather. I thought writing about summer weather forecast but I didn’t found much information about that and what I found was quite distributed what kind of summer is coming so it was not quite easy to get good overall image about that. I guess those who make forecast are more interested winter than summer as summer has less variability in weather than winter. Summer can vary in terms rain but if you look deviation from average temperature it is less than what it is in winter. Summer is although is still warmer, unless you are in tropics. Fall did same thing, not much forecast I think if i remember it had less forecast than summer forecast.

Summer is june, july and august if we go by that season are 3 month each, then winter would be december, january and february. In northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere would be opposite of those. I took only those forecast which is made october. It is little early still as a writing this, as we have 1 month before winter begins so we might get still more of those forecast.

Generally forecast say warmer than normal temperature in northern U.S.A and colder than normal temperature in southern U.S.A. But that is from average of those 3 months, that don’t say how much temperature deviate from normal, temperature swings you know if it is average it might be sometimes little bit above normal and sometimes little bit below normal for example so average go about normal. When looking those videos, it give overall image that if cut those 3 months in 2 parts, 1 for early winter from december to mid January and 1 for late winter mid January to february early part is warmer and second part is colder some call it late loading winter. So if you are about normal, early part might let’s say 1 c warmer than normal second part might be 1 c colder than normal to get season about normal. Don’t forget normal weather variability here, yes I have said it before but good to remember that. This is el nino winter, with declining solar activity. California might get some rainfall in winter, above normal rainfall but i guess it would wise to take some kind of caution here as California seems to have drought now. Looks like south east might get some snow, above normal snowfall maybe up to Maryland or so. What comes to Michigan or northern U.S.A. seems to be little question as snowfall as it seems snowfall would go to eastern costal area and north central seems to be below normal snowfall. Eastern U.S.A means area which is in eastern time zone and northern U.S.A. means northern U.S.A. in central time zone, Michigan is somewhere between those in eastern time zone mostly but not eastern coast. I wrote something about those videos below, but you can watch those yourself if you want.

This video has temperature and precipitation map. Those colors makes little difficult to see states as it covers them but try to see some state on map and then think what states or how much south or north of it from it that way to figure it out. Temperature map red means warmer than normal and blue colder than normal. Here is the link : i need to replace y character to 1 number, so copy address and replace that 1 number so it have youtube instead of that 1.


Next video has better map as it don’t cover states same way. Forecast start at 2:56 if you want to skip that background information. It have temperature forecast, it shows how much temperature deviate from the normal, i think those are in Fahrenheit. It have precipitation and snowfall maps.


Next video has analogs which shows similar years, at 2:30 it has analogs by month. First it is December-February overall and then month by month. Those years in that list are similar years of coming winters so you can look similar year weather data if you want to see how it went that area in those years, colors are deviation from normal temperature. You can see here that warm weather first, then colder weather later what i wrote earlier.


Next video don’t have sound. It shows eastern U.S.A. be colder than normal. It shows eastern U.S.A. might be above normal snowfall.


Next video has temperature forecast and shows eastern U.S.A below average or well below average temperature. This video is low on sound, so you need to increase your volume to hear this video. Rainfall and snowfall forecast. Looks like area around Maryland is extremely above average snowfall in this forecast. It says very cold, extreme snowfall in Maryland area. It also has white Christmas forecast.


Next video shows eastern U.S.A. to be colder than normal.


Those are videos i have found, it is something to get overall image of coming winter but don’t take those as granted as forecast are not always right.

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I got little busy on last message, let’s write little bit more of it if we can get it more little bit more clear. I have read that eastern U.S.A. shouldn’t count few cold shots in winter. California might get more than normal rainfall in December, but might be normal in later on winter as if el nino begin to weaken January 2016 after reaching peak in December 2015. For Michigan and much of eastern U.S.A. first half is warmer than normal and second half is colder than normal. Snowfall is forecast to be above normal for much of eastern U.S.A for example Maryland. Michigan might not get much snow first half of winter but second half might get lake effect snow with season for normal or below normal snowfall season, that for clarification for that question thing in earlier message. Big image is about the same as i wrote earlier.

This is november forecast, above information is summary of that video, it has December, January, February temperature and precipitation forecast and snowfall forecast. It also has that split overall image for first and second half of winter. I have not checked those forecast how accurate they have been in past, but i think we can get good overall image by looking many forecast and that way get overall image of weather. But remember as i have said earlier those are forecast and forecast can be incorrect but they can be used for overall weather image.


Thanks for the info, hope it’s accurate, although I doubt that it is. The major weather services have been way off in the past few years. Also to note, I cannot connect to any of the links, seems the domain will not load for my service. Server not found message only.

Drew51 hi

I used normal people information who have made winter 2015-2016 weather forecast, maybe last one was something else. I said earlier I have replaced y character for 1 number in links, so you need to replace those so they have youtube in address. You didn’t read enough clearly my message. If you meant U.S.A. weather service NOAA they might be way off as you say if they want to continue global warming thing.

Yeah I missed that about the change in URL, Not sure why you did that? More work to get there.
NOAA was forced to give the man the right answers, if they wanted to keep their jobs. Most forecasts are not really changed, yet still I don’t have faith in the science, as most science does not require faith, with weather it does. Yes, that is a joke.

It would be great to have a warm winter, or at least average, the more boring the better! Although I see they predict the cold air in February to just sit over my house argh!
As far as snow they are already wrong. I experienced 3 inches already in mid-Michigan.(Kalkaska), way more than normal, 3 inches more! Looks to me like another super cold winter here. Snow already? I’m afraid so.

If you want accurate weather listen to the solar physicists. Not these guys!

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Drew51 hi

I did that address thing because when i copied the address image appeared on the right side window. It took address out of it, i don’t usually load other people images to other place as i don’t own them. Also they might slow loading of the site. It is just mine principle of doing that.

Well you can hope you to get warm winter, but don’t set your expectation too high so you don’t get disappointed if cold winter is coming to Michigan. I saw that cold is around Michigan or Ohio february 2016. Those was winter 2015-2016 weather forecast, they don’t include november as you said you got already snow. Well you said you was somewhat O.K. with your fruit trees last winter as it was constant cold so it is not completely impossible to go through cold winter if it happens. Warm weather would be better yes i think. But mother nature do it things, regardless what you think about it.

OK, yes, that makes sense!

Somewhat is a good word, I had a partial harvest. Most of the fruit buds died, but I did get around 60 fruits total, and they were the best stone fruit I ever ate! A very exciting season this year!
My freezer is full of fruit too!

Drew51 hi

Well you said you had cold winter, so probably it was good you got some fruits. I think if there is less fruits on tree, fruits gets better, If weather allow it. Sunny weather helps making more sweet or tasteful fruits, if weather is too rainy fruits have more water content which can make them not so tasty. Also some fruits is better than no fruit.

We have fairly dry summers here, the fruit was top rate for this area. I was impressed with how good it was.

We could use a break here in Maine this winter after last winter’s harsh temps that hit -30. For the sake of our peach trees…I hope that we don’t hit that number again.

Wow that is cold! OK, I feel better now, it could be worse! Yikes! I don’t have it that bad!

It happened when the dreaded “polar vortex” settled over us…usually, -5 to -10 is more normal for the coldest temps in my area.

Yeah the vortex hit us too! We are usually around 0 as the coldest, so -16 was quite low! Some months we were 30 degrees below normal. Now I know in the west it was a hot winter, but was it 30 degrees above normal? No! Solar physicists predict the trend to continue for about 25 years, that is probably how much longer I’ll live. I’m not young anymore! If the trend continues, I’m not replacing any dead trees with anything marginal. Switching to fruits for colder climates.


I found another video of U.S.A winter 2015-2016 weather forecast :


Weather looks to be similar what is in those earlier forecast, it says above average snow and cold in Maryland. Winter 2015-2016 begins next week if we go by that each season is 3 months, so i think that is about what we got for winter forecast.