U.S.A winter 2018-2019 weather forecast


I found some U.S.A winter 2018-2019 weather forecast from Youtube, it is little late as winter 2018-2019 have already began if winter is thought to be december 2018-february 2019. I have replaced youtube y character 1 number as this message may try to load them, as i haven’t made those forecast. So replace that 1 with y character so it read youtube if you want to see that video in link. I write shortly something about those videos but not all of them if you want to see all information then you can see those videos yourself. I haven’t checked those videos if they are correct or not in their forecast so take some caution about those forecast.

This is CBS46 forecast from Atlanta, Georgia tv channel it shows wet december, cold january and feberuary. It show five to ten degrees below average for those months. Those are in fahrenheit i think. That means higher chance of snow says that people in forecast. It says very cold january and february. This is link : https://www.1outube.com/watch?v=gCkK5KThpJ4

This is KMTV forecast from Omaha, Nebraska tv channel it shows colder than normal and near normal snow. December colder than normal, january normal, february below normal temperature shows this forecast for that area. This is link : https://www.1outube.com/watch?v=XT-Bl9jjmmE

This is wsmv from Nashville, Tennessee tv channel it shows average temperature, several cold significant cold spell, a few from stretches. This is link : https://www.1outube.com/watch?v=Xw85dI8pNNM

This neoweather forecast show cold winter southeast states Georgia, Alabama, Missisippi, Florida and warm weather northwest states Washington, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota. That was just mention of some of those states, if you think about that. This is link : https://www.1outube.com/watch?v=DVBNUd01ir8

This is wgrz from Buffalo, New York tv channel it shows above normal snowfall. This is link : https://www.1outube.com/watch?v=Qp1HGQc8fMs

This is koco 5 from Oklahoma, Oklahoma tv channel it shows slight below average december temperature, january cold temperature. Snowfall average. This is link : https://www.1outube.com/watch?v=n48ePlbD0Sw

This is wood tv 8 from Grand Rapids, Michigan tv channel it says expect a snowier and colder winter this year. This is link : https://www.1outube.com/watch?v=eDjS-oV-8yU

This is KOiN-6 tv tv channel from Portland, Oregen says warmer than normal temperature and less snowfall. This is link : https://www.1outube.com/watch?v=DaKUWRAHaW0

This is WSLS 10 tv channel from Roanoke, Virginia it shows snowier than average winter. This is link : https://www.1outube.com/watch?v=HwgrsS0ocHU

This WDAM TV from Hattiesburg, Missisippi it shows above average prepication, december warmer, january average, february warmer than normal temperature.This is link : https://www.1outube.com/watch?v=eExlbEuTNCQ

That was some forecast, looks like cold is eastern U.S.A, southeast and northeast, warm in western U.S.A, if i look quickly of those forecast and try to made quick conclusion of those. It is different thing how accurate or right those forecast are, at least those are some forecast to get some idea what winter weather might be for 2018-2019 winter forecast. This is 2018-2019 winter weather forecast become little late, but i still decided to write it.


I think winter started in November this year

For the West coast, it’d really be hard to tell a colder than normal winter Vs. a regular winter. The differences are so subtle. We mainly judge the success of a winter based on how much/little rainfall we receive. Things get dicey quick when we have drought years.

So, based on your forecast, global warming is history!

Well, I look for more rain than snow in January in Kentucky…and that means warmer than usual.


Those are not mine forecast, those are television channel forecast which i found on internet. I said i haven’t checked how correct those forecast are, it is some forecast which i just found on Youtube. I haven’t checked in past how well their forecast have been, if they have made U.S.A winter forecast before. It is different how correct those forecast are, forecast are not always correct. I wrote some of forecast which i found on internet.

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Tomorrow morning the latest long-term forecasts from NOAA will be out

Dennis…didn’t mean it personal. Sorry if it sounded like a criticism. I think with the ElNino and all having a colder than normal winter overall is unlikely…despite how it started in November.