Ugly Weather

This is what we’ve been dealing with here in the Midwest. I took this pic Sat. morning. of my sprayer stuck between some peach rows. The ruts were two foot deep and dragging the bottom of the tractor. The sprayer was also bottomed out.

It’s been impossible to grow peaches like this. Many, many split pits. Peaches rotting on the trees. Flavor is horrible. The only reason the peach trees aren’t dead is because they are up on the terraces.

Olpea, that is just terrible. So sorry. You all are floating away, and we’re drying up and blowing away. Another very tought weather year for all of us.

Pouring right now here in SW Wisconsin…tornadoes possible this afternoon with a cold front moving through. Models were showing 2 inches of rain. … I think parts of Iowa will surpass that. I’ve been mowing my lawn about every 3 days the past few weeks…it just grows like crazy in this weather pattern.

We had over five inches of rain last week here in sw Missouri . I live on top of a hill and it was still very soggy. The rain I got was slow and came about an inch at a time and really just soaked the ground instead of running off

I know how you feel. I only have about 3 dozen trees total but I already lost 4 trees to drowning and all my peaches and nectarines this year have either rotted or have all been splitting. The only trees that are doing really good are my apple, pear, and pecan trees.

Ugh! So sorry Olpea! Failed crops just stink! We had too much rain earlier in the season that washed all the taste out of several varieties we grow. They were feed them too the animals bad. Hope next season is better for you brother.

Major bummer. We can only do so much with root selection and raised planting.

we got so much rain and more to come. my strawberry tastes so bland :disappointed:

Hang in there Olpea. We had plenty of rain here too. About 7 inches of rain in the last 3 weeks. Even my lawn had Fungus so I had to put down Scott’s Fungus granules.


Any outlook on when that weather is supposed to let up for you guys?

now that’s bad…real, real bad. This reminds me of another good reason to live in the mountains. Did the tractor come out when uncoupled from the spray rig?
That’s a mess…sorry Olpea.

That’s ugly all right. And one reason peaches are usually grown on sandy and loamy soils. That way there’s less excess water to dilute the brix.

Olpea, I was wondering why I haven’t seen posts from you lately. Now I know why! Holy cow what a mess, and you are losing a crop and good tasting peaches. Wish I was there to help! The weather continues to be strange if not plain ugly all around. I’m not sure I understand ‘normal’ any longer, or could recognize it. Hang in friend.

Olpea, sorry about what you are going through. Hope the weather can improve soon.
Growing peach in the past few years made me realize how tough it must be for people who rely on it to make a living, there are so many things are out of our control!


Do you have any peaches ripe or near ripe? You should have some huge fruit…although flavors might be washed out some.

Yeah, when you really think about it you have to wonder how on Earth they can sell peaches as cheaply as they do. Yet when you need a lawyer his “advice” will cost you $150 an hour ($350 if their office is on DuPont Circle Washington, DC). I’m not sure the world’s economic model rewards people fairly for their work and struggles.

Appleseed, I was going to say:"$150/hour? Where can you get that rate?" Then I saw you add something:-).

I agree with you. But unfortunately this is how the society is structured:-(

Just saw this thread. So, so sorry for what has happened to you and your peach farm. Hang in there, my friend.

I agree with Mrs. G. about a “normal” weather pattern. Cannot recall when it was.


Looking at your photo I felt like I got kicked in the gut by a mule.

Sorry to see.



That’s definitely some ugly weather! We in Illinois don’t have much options! It’s either rain in the morning or afternoon. And worst, morning plus afternoon!

Wish some genius could figure out how to “walk” the heavy clouds from our Midwest’s sky to California’s. That’s would be a nice way of redistributing resources!