Ultra dwarfing rootstock

Thousands of wild apples growing around my area and so finding all kinds of rootstock is not hard. I found some growing in a real dry sandy area that is no more than a very small bush. I am planning on playing around with it. Any one ever mess around with something like that ? I did see something similar in one of the nursery catalogs that they were selling somewhere so it has been done before. One of the two rootstocks roots easily from cuttings so maybe using it as an interstem and then planting deep for a better root system?

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A dwarfing variety that sprouts easily from cuttings might have value. N. Spy, Gala, Red Delicious and a quite a few fairly common varieties have that ability as they generate root primordia all over their bark but I doubt any I’ve seen do this would be dwarfing.

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The problem with this rootstock is it is ultra dwarfing as in only 2-3 feet tall and no telling if it will have much vigor once it is grafted onto. I would assume the best thing to try would be to graft a vigorous variety onto it ?

[quote=“chartman, post:1, topic:3682”]
I found some growing in a real dry sandy area that is no more than a very small bush.
[/quote]Do you know roughly how old they are?

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I would say they are pretty old. Not something that just grew in the last couple of years.

Seems like an interesting project. Are you going to cut it back to make a stool bed or collect scions for dwarfing interstems? Either way, you might have to cut it back some this winter to promote new growth this year.

I moved some of it last summer and transplanted it here at the house. The one bush only had several stems and I dug all of them so it will be limited as to what I can do with it this spring. The other one had lots of wood to harvest as every where it touched the ground it rooted and sent up more shoots. That one I can go back and get what I want . I plan on trying both grafting onto it , and grafting it as an interstem on a couple of seedling rootstocks I have growing just to see what it does. I have several other similar rootstocks I have found in another area that I plan on digging in the spring and transplanting at the house to maybe try bud grafting in the summer if they(rootstock) take off.

An update on the root stocks. The one that could be rooted easily from cuttings is not a vigorous grower and doesn’t show much promise . The other one grows like a weed and is easily propagated by stool bedding . I put a few T buds on a couple late summer to see how they might work to grow a producing tree. I have a few others I have found in another spot that I may dig and try at some point. Those seem to root well ( by bending a branch to the ground)where they are growing wild .