Uncovering citrus and loquat after winter protection

Hoping that the worst is over, I removed the bags from my citrus and loquats to take a look. (But left Christmas lights attached just in case - since one year it snowed on April 1st!)

My unprotected low was 7F, the second year in a row with abnormally low temps for zone 8a. With a polycarbonate roof, lights, and bag covering, my protected low was 24F.

Varying response from citrus: Sudachi fared the worst and it looks like plant will lose its leaves.

Yuzu looked fine with new growth.

And, what a surprise, Hamlin managed to put out a little growth and held on to its one orange.

Loquats had varying degrees of tip burn.

I know you know that folks outside this forum think we’re a bit crazy!!
I’d love to hear others’ results.


You are not crazy.I am in Chicagoland and grow loquat too. I was inspired by someone who lives in Canada many years ago back to the old Gardenweb forum. Call it crazy, there are many crazies here, haha😄

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I am slightly warmer (I think) than @cdamarjian. Still had a lot of dead flowers on my loquat trees. I think there will be fruit still but not as much as I had hoped for.