Unexpected diversity in tomatoes


Strange year for tomatoes. Nothing grow up to their names.
Black Krim- planted first time, two plants from the same seed packet. One produces huge, flat bright pink tomatoes, another - round, purplish ones, much smaller. Taste is not impressive in both.

Jet Setter should be large ROUND early tomato produces huge flat tomatoes and not early enough, definitely not Jet Setter

But the winner is tomato plants form a packet I bought in Russia(From reputable seller, ha-ha…) named “Vspyshka”(Flash). They supposed to be medium sized, plain red early determinate tomatoes. I have two plants. They both overgrew all my indeterminate tomatoes. They are late. One produces small plum tomatoes with absolutely bland taste, another produces medium sized, round tomatoes with OK taste. What two plants have in common is weird, reddish-brownish-greenish color of fruit…



Somebody is failing on quality control


On the top the one on the right could be black krim but I’m not sure on the others. The bottom right looks a lot like black krim.