Unexpected late pears due to unusual weather or other weather phenomenons impacting fruit?

Due to late repeated freezes i expected no pears at all but thought it worth noting i did get many ayers beside my pond i would assume due to a condition created by the water. Today october 3rd i picked a drippin honey and harrow sweet. Anyone experience unusual similar weather in recent years?


I have a single doyenne du comice that made it through my crazy frost and it is late this year also! I will fridge it for ripening like you taught me a year or two ago as that was the trick i needed to properly ripen seckel and doyenne du comice


They are truly some of the best pears there are @RichardRoundTree .


My small multi-grafted Asian pear set a few flowers 2 months apart this spring / summer.

Just went outside and I have another bloom now.

Dry heat long enough then some rain gives it a bit of a false spring.

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very long summer, lots of heat and drought last year and my summer pears looked picture perfect but did not ripen well, fall and winter did not ripen at all.

This year a very wet and cool summer with a warmer fall and there is many bad looking fruits but half are very large and ripening well now. Summer pears were ok to good, fall pears are starting to ripen now. winter pears still unkown.