Unexpected varmint

The varmint pressure this year has been intense, both in the vegetable garden and in the fruit trees. I’ve had a lot of stuff netted up, including the green beans, that were being nibbled to death by, I assume, rabbits. But the damage I found today was too heavy to be attributed to rabbits or squirrels, it had to be something big - groundhogs being my first thought.

So I was trying to untangle the netting from the bean fencing, clear away the torn-out bean plants and do the day’s picking, when I realized I had almost stepped on the culprit - a very large skunk in between the rows of beans. It probably snuck in under the netting and got caught, as far as I can tell.

At first, I meant to drag the carcass out for disposal, but I then realized it wasn’t quite a carcass yet. Then, I thought to euthanize it with the hoe, but I realized this might produce an unwanted reaction. In fact, I find it odd that there was no skunk scent at all - which I want to keep it that way.

I assume that by morning it will likely be gone - one way or another. Hope so, beans still need picking.

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Whoo boy! I’m very glad you didn’t step on that, or grab it, thinking it was deceased. Either of those could have led to an injury. I’m also glad that you remain unscented. :smile:

Your post did give me my biggest laugh of the day as I imagined your discovery, though. :grin: Here’s hoping that the removal remains uneventful for you.

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It either removed itself or someone else removed it

Garden is otherwise mostly peaceful, except for the usual zucchini-biter

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I moved out of my parents house at 18. a friend and I rented a trailer in a trailer park. When I worked late I would come home and would encounter a skunk that lived under our trailer. One night the skunk was in the trash cage for a neighboring business and stayed there as I parked.

This was my opportunity. I went inside and got my 20ga shotgun. I crept out and got a bead on him and blasted. It moved him a couple feet so for sure was dead, but it didn’t keep him from spraying. And OMG! a shotgun is loud at 1:00am in a residential area. I dove into some nearby bushed and waited until all the lights went off plus another 10 min. This was a small town, so nobody called the police. Did I mention this was mid summer? the trash cage was padlocked, so I couldn’t do anything with it, it smelled awful for a week or more and was a topic of discussion among the neighbors. I wasn’t smart enough to foresee any of the negatives of taking the shot, but I certainly was smart enough to keep my mouth shut after the fact!


Those were precisely my own misgivings in the matter

How it didn’t spray is something I can’t fathom, but I’ll take it