Unknowingly purchased two 3-4ft loquat trees on own roots

I should have asked up front when purchased Vista White and Early Red loquats from Willis Brothers Orchard. After their delivery I sent a text asking for name of rootstock. Reply was that they were not grafted, but gown on own roots.(!!) Shouldn’t the trees have been advertised as such? The trees at $39 were about $20 cheaper than those offered at other nurseries …and maybe that should have been my clue.
Are loquats are an exception to the rule that seeds from cultivars typically do not grow true to type?The trees are well-branched with good root systems so I can graft over. A newbe mistake?

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How do you know they were grown from seed rather than cuttings?


Yes, grown from cuttings would mean on own roots. I wonder why not grafted?
Thanks, grown from cuttings is probably it!

Just talked to receptionist at Willis Brothers. She said the trees were grown from seed.(!)
I will call later this afternoon and talk to grower to get more info.

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Reviews of Willis nursery

Thanks for link to reviews.
I have to chalk it up to buyer ignorance on my part. The tree description must say grafted if you want to assure grafted. Lesson learned. And can’t fault the trees for size or root mass. I just need to live long enough to taste seedling fruit and then graft to more manageable rootstock!

This is an old post, but if they sell it as a named variety fruit tree, it needs to be a clone of that variety. Seedling doesn’t cut it. This isn’t like stable line of annual seeds that are bred to come true from seed.

A clone can be grafted, or it could be rooted on its own roots. If its a seedling, it is its own thing, and not the named variety.

My one interaction with Willis, fortunately not involving any money, taught me not to do business with them.

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Thanks for following up of this past post. I never did hear back on these loquats. No sign of a graft, so I guess a clone on own roots. They’ve grown well and I was able to graft on a few new varieties. Time’s ticking though, so I hope I get a taste in the next 5 years!

You DID get your answer. They told you they were seedlings. They falsely sold seedlings as named cultivars and admitted to it.


As I remember, the receptionist sounded confused when I questioned her. But, yes, if I believe her reply, the trees were grown from seed.
So are loquats grown from seed an exception to the rule of seeds not true to type? A number of us in WA are growing loquats from seeds of a hardy local tree.

No, loquats do not grow true to cultivar from seed. It may be a wholesaler issue though cause I encountered another nursery selling seedlings as a named cultivar also. It seems the wholesaler was not communicating clearly with the retailer so this may be a very widespread problem.

My understanding is loquats tend to have less variation in their seedlings than some other trees, but not “true” so much as “probably similar to the parent.”


Loquat seedlings are similar to the parent. But take 10 years or more to fruit in WA state!
You might be happier if you grafted a good variety onto your tree.

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Yes, thanks, will do that.

From your experience, do loquats need a certain temp and/or or a flush of growth for graft to take?
I grafted on my Willis Brothers 3 foot “seedlings” in ghouse this winter. The first time, in Feb, plants were putting out a new flush of growth, temps were cool 50-55, and all grafts took. Second time in May, temps were 60-65, growth not as vigorous, and no grafts took. Does that mean you need to graft on a flush of new growth and temp not as important?

My experience is that warm temperatures helps a lot. You can try now — loquats are definitely flushing with growth.

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