Unusual new pear leaves

All of the recent growth on my pear tree looks like it has a problem. New growth is on several different varieties grafted onto a large Bradford pear stump. All varieties are showing it. All grafts were done spring 2018 on 1 yr old wood that grew out of the stump last summer. The grafts have put on phenomenal healthy looking growth (4-6 ft) until the last few weeks when I noticed these strange leaves. I don’t spray herbicides. I have garden veggies nearby that look great. I live in town and am miles away from any big farms. Any ideas?

Is there some kind of tiny sucking insect on the backs of the leaves? Just a thought.


I don’t see anything like that but will be on the lookout.

It could also be due to some sort of leaf hopper. You don’t always see them since they are much more mobile than aphids.

I’ve had issues with hoppers this year here in Iowa on grafts, more so than usual for tender growth.