Update on fig propagation the Baggie method

Here are the fig cuttings after 9 days in the bag. The roots are started to form. I will pot them up in the next few days. Be real gentle to prevent roots breakage. Btw, no molds if using a toothbrush dipped in 1:5 bleach and water solution to clean the cuttings before placing them in the bag. Also remember to blow some fresh air into the bag every few days like a little balloon to keep the humidity in there.



most of those look like swollen lenticels, not root initials. Sorry ;-{

No worry,. In a few more days those will increase in length. I preferred to pot them at this stage because less chance of breaking the longer roots. This works well for me in the last 8 years. Here are the 40 plus cuttings hanging out in the dishwasher​.



Tony, you take the cake. Even the dishwasher is not safe! :wink:

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Here are all the varieties. Hopefully, in a couple of seasons of growth and fruiting. I can report fig tasting results then.

Tacoma Violet
Dark Greek
Sal’s Corleone
Sicilian Red
Hardy Chicago
Black Jack
Gino’s Black
Mary Lane Seedless
Valle Negra
BT Simpson
Celeste Goss
Celeste Holland
Emerald Strawberry UCR 143-36



Just done potting all the fig cuttings. 100% rooted with the Baggie method with 1:5 bleach and water rinse.