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I’ve learned that voles like eating cilantro and dill. I was out in the garden the other day and heard crunching and i see a vole eating some dill. I set the trap and fixed that problem. That same vole i think munched a row of my onions a couple weeks back.

I’d agree—looks like rabbits. They eat any low enough fruit branches from any of my fruit trees (they don’t seem picky about fruit trees-they tend to like them all) they will chomp my blueberries down from time to time (winter is worst), honey berries, strawberries. At least they could eat what they bite off, but seems like just take a few nibbles after they lop the entire branch off and just let it lay there as if they were taunting you. They are definitely my biggest nuisance in the yard for sure. Had to put up netting yesterday around the strawberries- the rabbits were eating everything about pink stage.

We are in the middle of Cicadapocalypse at the homestead. So far they have killed my few plum grafts that took, and have hurt the apple grafts. The funny thing is just 14 miles west there are no cicadas. The arboretum covered the young trees with netting and then nothing happened. Here we can’t be outside is so deafening. Glad is not a yearly occurrence.

Anyone know what these flowers are? Saw them on a walk.

Garlic are starting to form scapes and the onions are starting to bulb some. Tomatoes look pretty good…lots of flowers.

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I have that bush growing in my landscape but I forget the name of it. Starts from the ground every year looking a bit like asparagus spears and grows like crazy.

At first i thought it might be chinese skullcap but the leaves don’t match. I thought it was pretty and yes it must grow fast because it was a few feet tall already.

My poppies have been blooming heavily the past week or 2. I started these from seed but they come back yearly and have spread some.


Looks like Baptista. Sapphire spires maybe?

how about “false indigo” or “wild indigo”? pretty flowers

My sour cherry Juliet has turned color. The fruit seems soft, but the color is more an orange than a deep red like in the pictures. How do I know they are ready? Would be the first year fruiting, 3rd leaf bush. The is year it is suckering like crazy, I keep pulling cherry stems up to 6 feet away from the bush. Not expecting much in terms of flavor, this spring we have had a total of like 2 fully sunny days. Even the strawberries were watery and tasteless. I have Pineberry (absolutely not recommend), Mara de Bois (0ccasionally have gotten a good one, but definitely not up to the hype), sparkle (ok). And then the AC series Wendy and Valley Sunset. Wendy is mid season and Valley Sunset is late. But they actually had taste and sweetness even this year. I’m specially impressed with AC Valley sunset, big tasty berries, and most importantly, very little rot, which took most of the berries of the other varieties. If you are thinking of putting new beds and your area has wet springs, you should consider it.

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juliet get alot darker than that when ripe.


That looks like it. Thanks.

Baptisia - false indigo

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With the amount of rain and humidity, the peach tree has taken off. Fruit are sizing up fast. This is a seedling so i have zero idea what it’ll turn into, but hopefully something good.


these flowers are beautiful. I love the color

Thanks. I really enjoy growing flowers. I just put in a bunch of seed grown zinnias. I have motherwort that pops up all over my yard so i left some of that to grow and the bumble bees are just swarming it. My oregano is about ready to flower (it has spread into a huge patch now) and bees love that stuff too. I keep them well fed.

Weeded my onion bed …there must be an easier way. Onions (seed grown) look good. Also ate my 1st raspberry (summer variety).

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Nice harvest from the strawberry patch today. Mostly earliglo and jewel. This year I think Jewel is probably my second favorite tasting, skuksan being first.


I tried to grow flowers from seeds. But the baby rabbits gave all the seedings haircut. I had oregano in my yard but I didn’t see it this year. Yes, bees really love oregano flowers. I need to start a patch just for the bees.

I know somewhere i read some research on bee preference and oregano (and other herbs) were right near the top. All summer the big patch of oregano is full of all types of bees. I grew some artichoke from seed this spring and planted them and looked a few days later and they were gone. I’m like come on!

Nice strawberries. Voles here have decided that is their favorite and wiped a lot of mine out. I’ve since removed most (all?) of those voles.

Bees also love my catnip flowers. I grew it for the cat. But my cat didn’t care for it.

I’m removing the motherwort once the herbs start blooming. It produces so much seed and spreads very easily…try to catch it before it gets to far along.

Some peaches got hit by curculio. All this rain has made spraying a challenge. Usually the curcs don’t hit the peaches very hard.