US Drought Map

My area is showing extreme drought in my area of Louisiana. It has been the driest winter that I can remember in this area. We just got 1.5 inches of rain last night which will help.


Enough moisture here.

Pretty wet here in Miami, FL

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A bit drier than average in MD, typical of La Niña. However with La Niña, by mid to late spring we tend toward a stormier pattern, so my expectation is a somewhat, but not excessively dry first half of spring, and a slightly wet/stormy second half.


This is pretty typical of La Niña, a dry slot right over the mid Atlantic. I just hope the pattern breaks down by May or so. We have had SOME rain but below normal since early February.

Plenty of soil moisture right now, but that will change if the pattern doesn’t change within the next month or so.