USDA scions from Geneva

Has anyone gotten summer bud wood from Geneva in the last couple years? I requested some this year to enlarge my breeding program and am wondering when to expect them to ship the scions.

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I did in 2018, received them in July. I seem to recall reading they would not be doing bud wood this year, but I have no idea where I read that. Perhaps I’m confusing it with last year after the Gov’t shutdown. I see they have eliminated the mail-in order form and you must go through GRIN now. I also noticed they have reduced the request to 10 varieties, down from 25. I’m wondering if that is going to apply for dormant scions as well.

I requested via GRIN back in May. They said that all requests had to be in by July. I’ve never gotten summer scions from them before so i was just wondering. Im assuming that they are being selective with who they are sending to, especially with the reductions in scion numbers that they are allowing each person to request.

Just got an update from USDA Geneva. Apparently they had an outbreak of streptomycin resistant fire blight hit their orchards and they are not distributing summer bud wood. They have not yet made a decision on dormant scions for this winter. 2020 just keeps getting worse for diseases of all kinds!!