Using geese to weed berry patch

I’ve been fighting bermuda grass in my berry patch forever. I use thick straw, which helps, but the roots are still under there and come through every chance they get. I want to remain organic so I’ve been researching. I remember my parents talking about cotton patch geese weeding the fields back before herbicides and it sounded impressive. I love raising geese so I’m thinking about trying it. I know I have to remove them before the berries appear but the worst battle would be won by then. Has anyone ever tried something like that?


Geese worth a try.
But, if you ever find an organic solution to bermuda grass (or nutsedge), be sure to patent it and you’ll become rich.
You can pave a parking lot on top of bermuda grass, and as the pavement cracks, you’ll eventually get some seedlings or alive roots to poke through the cracks in the pavement…even after several years.


60 years ago I tried to train geese to weed my garden without success.


60 years ago… geez gramps tell us more about it.

@poncirusguy Why did the effort fail? Did the geese not weed or did they eat the rest of the garden too much as well?

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Yes. Not as bad as goats but even chickens eat too much.

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They didn’t want to pull weed. It was that simple.