Using Lawn Triazicide on Fruits

I remembered the conversation we had last year saying that the Gamma-Cyhalothrin in the Big store Triazicide had a rather short shelf life.

I was wondering if the dry mix lawn use Triazicide can be used dissolved in a tank sprayer application?.

My thinking is that the dry formulation might have a longer shelf life.

Any ideas?


The lawn mix or other “dry goods” probably could be used this way. Hypothetically, you would grind the lawn mixture into a powdery substance and dissolve it in water. I guess it could either be tried to keep it all in a muddy suspension in the spray tank, or mix it up in a separate container, wait until it settles, then pour it off into your spray tank without pouring the “mud” in. A spreader-sticker additive might be considered. Of course, this is all hypothetical and should not be construed as advocacy, and I haven’t worked out any of the mix ratios for anyone either. The usual hush hush caveats apply.

I knew it was going to be a stretch to find a definitive “…yes and here’s how”.

I have searched and could find NO availability of Gamma-Cyhalothrin in dry form.


They have it for lawns in liquid form also and the percentage is much higher. I did the mental math at wallyworld last year and it was a much better price that way. It definitely could be used as the ingredients were the same just the gamma-cyhalothrin content was significantly higher due to the fact it was in a hose end sprayer bottle. I didn’t see it when I was there 2 weeks ago though.
I wouldn’t try the granulized stuff, I’m sure it’s in a slow release media as they advertise it works for 3 months which is total bs…I’ve used a lot of it in the bag where it’s combined with fertilizer. That was 3 years ago and just tonight was the first time I’ve seen earthworms in my yard again.