Using Soft-sided Containers

Last fall I got two North Dakota Trader Mulberries from Jim Walla. They were VERY well packaged (I think they could have gone around the world and arrived safely). They were grown and shipped in small RootMaker RootTrapper bags. Worked well. The first tree slipped out nicely, no problem. The second one was reluctant. I used a tool around the edges and sort of mudged the bottom till it came out, but not very prettily. They’re nice bags and I didn’t want to cut them off, though that certainly would have made it easy. And I’m not sure what I’m going to re-use them for anyway.

But I’m wondering, how are you supposed to get the trees out of these bags? Is there a trick? Do you just cut them off? And what might you use a small 4"x4" bag for? Sue

I would just use a knife and scrape around the sides of the bag. Then roll the bag down. Keeps the bags intact.

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