Using trained dogs to identify citrus green issues

Very interesting ! Trained Dogs Are the Most Efficient Way to Hunt Citrus Industry’s Biggest Threat : USDA ARS
“Citrus green sniffing dogs have been deployed for 9 months in California and northern Florida.”


Now that is COOL!!! My bird dog has a great nose…wonder if I can train him to find fire blight or peach leaf curl or Plum Black Knot or other things before they become a problem!!! Of course not, but its a fun idea.


I bet with a good trainer they could identify alot before we ever saw it.


Yeah, I read that, in the Dec or Jan issue of Fruit Grower News. Really wiping out the citrus industry in Florida.

(Oh, well, strawberries, blueberries, honeyberries…heck almost all fruit…actually have more Vitamin C than oranges anyhow! Could be a good thing…so long as they don’t doze them all and pave with more subdivisions for people fleeing high tax states.)

Been 8 years since I’ve been in Florida, this greening issue was not yet a big problem that long ago, but is now.

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