Various Questions

Many various questions. I will add a number to them to make it easier to help.

  1. Strawberries. Health issue or Sun scald? Only those 2 that I separated have that appearance. 2. Melon Sage, overwintered Pretty sure its to much sun as once, but making sure. Its been mostly shaded though on the porch. 3. Miracle berry. First, would be sunscald as well right? Possible Mildew on the 3rd photo? Its flowering/fruiting/growing though but really seeking input for this one as its one of my favorites and probably most expensive single item one I had bought, growing some from seeds as well from previous berry’s. 4. Fall gold raspberry, second year. Should I remove the small ones now, or later? About 15-20+ canes coming up in the pot at the current time.

8 No photo, but question, Should I post the pruning questions here or different topic? Relating to about 6+ tree’s.

Fairly new to growing anything, read 15-20+ books fully and a bunch of other stuff fruit wise but just wanting some input, and 2-3 years for herbs/vegetables. First year with any care/maintenance landscape wise though. Wanting to avoid killing off anything if possible. Thanks again for any and all the help.

Not a useful replier here, but I just want to say I’m in the same boat: I’ve read tons of books and articles and stuff online, but there are some answers I can’t find–can only get them by posting photos and asking the experienced! Good luck.

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  1. The strawberry leaves look like they might be mold, but sun scald isn’t an impossibility either. As there is new growth coming I would just remove the bad leaves and let it grow out.

  2. Melon sage looks good. I’ve never over wintered one, but the leaves looks like the lower ones died back due to lack of light.

  3. Looks good too.

4 feel free to remove the older canes, especially if they fruited last year.

Can’t help you with pruning as I am still just trying to figure it all out myself. Start a new post and you will find that different trees will require different methods of pruning (fruit on this year’s wood vs last year.

One thing, please include your zone/area as it may change opinions on what to do.


  1. Fungus (Gray Mold)? Not sunscald. Would be interesting to see the underside.

  2. Older leaves turning brown. Nutrient deficiency. Nitrogen seems
    likely due to lightening leaves. These are container grown…do you
    routinely fertilize as you are supposed to in containers? Cold damage
    bronzing the leaves is possible too since they are the lower leaves.

  3. Lack of nitrogen allowing disease in 1st photo. The white stuff in
    the 3rd pic is where you carelessly sprinkled tap water over the leaves
    and it dried down leaving its salt residue behind. The 2nd and 3rd
    photo shows salt damage at the tips/edges (dry down brown). This plant
    may be overly sensitive to salt buildup from tap watering. Flush
    container soil with distilled or rain water. Probably have to do this
    every 3 months or so…or set out in the rain.

  4. You can pot the smaller ones now it you wish. Usually you let 3-5
    canes come up from each plant each year to not stress a new plant.
    Remember this is a biennial plant above ground with the fruit appearing
    on second year wood (florocanes). Once canes fruit they will die so
    best remove them right away to make way for the new canes (primocanes).

I’d post pruning Q in a new topic.


  1. will take photo of underside.
  2. kept from cold, will fertilize again though.
  3. I always take it out for rain. Will try to clear the leaves.
  4. It was a single cane last year. fruits on old/new canes. I just remember reading to keep it around 3-5 canes pre-area, so didnt know when to remove them for best fruiting.