Vegetable that starts with the letter "q"

I’m racking my brain, but I can’t think of any. Can someone help me out?

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Quinoa, It’s similar to Spinach.

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Yes, I thought I quinoa, but I’m not sure that it’s a true vegetable. I’m going to look it up. Thank you!

Side question: Do you consider dried beans a vegetable?

‘quelites’ general Mexican term for Chenopodium and Amaranthus greens, usually picked incidentally to other crops.

I don’t really consider dry beans a vegetable. Culinarily, I use them as a starch or protein. Nutritionally, they don’t really have the vitamin profile of veggies.

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A … qucumber .! …?




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quimbombo(okra) which supposedly was the original word for gumbo


I thought that a quince was a type of fruit similar to a pear.

Simular is pushing it, but we call tomatoes vegitables and there fruits. It might help to know what context of your search is.

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True. Just compiling a list of vegetables A - Z. I looked online at a couple of lists, but they are incomplete, for example a few of them didn’t list anything for “J”. I thought right away of Jicama. I can’t find any lists with anything for “Q”, though I’m really thinking that Quinoa should be listed.

Vegitable doesnt by defnintion exclude anything thing from a plant as long as its edible.

I’m looking for traditional vegetables and not what people would traditionally call a fruit (which is why tomato is on the list even though it is technically a fruit :smiley: .)

Queen Anne’s lace

Belonging to the carrot family, Queen Anne’s lace is a biennial that is also known as wild carrot. Early Europeans cultivated Queen Anne’s lace, and the Romans ate it as a vegetable.


Ohhh, good one! Thanks!

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